The twin sisters Ana and Nan (both played by Catrin Stewart), find their mom close to death in what looks like a suicide. The two, however, believe it’s a murder, and plan a vengeance on the perpetrator.

What’s up?! I’m Marlon and this is Of The Mice.

We’re reviewing a movie from each country that played the FIFA World Cup. Today, it’s Wales.

The Library Suicides came to me as surprise. I was looking for something to watch on Amazon Prime Video and I realized this movie was in the Welsh language, then I thought: I still didn’t watch the Welsh movie for the World Cup Series. So, it was a great opportunity.

Important note, just because the movie was available on Amazon Prime Video in my country, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be in yours.

Anyway, the movie is short, only 1 hour and 27 minutes long, so regardless of you liking it or not, it won’t take much of your time. So, I think it’s worth watching, because it’s not bad.

With that said, it’s not great either. It’s mediocre.

The story is mildly intriguing. The key to find out if it’s a suicide or murder is in the past of the dead mother (played by Sharon Morgan), so we see mini flashbacks of her story, but they’re too fast and diffuse, so we have an exposition-monologue near the end to expose the case.

The revealing could be better, but at least there was a little mystery, something to make us curious until the end, where there is also a small plot twist and a positive ending. I like the conclusion.

All of the characters are subpar. I don’t like the relationship between the twins because it’s too stereotypical. I don’t remember who is who, but one is more dominant and more possessive, while the other submissive but less dependent on the sister.

Dan (played by Dyfan Dwyfor) was the character I like the most. He begins annoying, but later I grew to like him because he gives some much-needed humor for the film.

Once again, I won’t criticize the acting, because there’s nothing to criticize. Everyone is quite okay, and there are very few people, so I was content with that.

Another decent point was the cinematography. It’s pretty, but quite standard, nothing that stands out. And we can say the same about the score.

The Library Suicides was an interesting film to watch, because it was my first Welsh movie and in the Welsh language, obviously. That point aside, the movie is unremarkable and nothing stands out. I’ll give The Library Suicides 2,5 out of 5.

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Thanks for watching and reading. See you soon!


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