What’s up?! I’m Marlon and this is Of The Mice. This video is part of the FIFA World Cup Special Series, in which we review one movie from each country playing the competition. This episode’s movie comes from England. Let’s talk about Homebound, directed by Sebastian Godwin.

Let’s make this quick.

Nothing happens. Holly is just there. Sometimes the kids are mean to her, and no one knows where their mom is. Then we get to the ending. ONE thing happens, and the revealed mystery is exactly what anyone could predict. The end.

The whole thing is just boring. There’s no tension, horror, or any other emotion. The relationship between the couple is bland. We only know they’re a couple supposedly in love because they say so.

To brighten things up a little, the acting is okay enough. There’s not much to work with, but Aisling Loftus looks confuse enough. That’s what her awful role demands. And I think the kids are promising, especially Hattie Gotobed, the older daughter, Lucia. We’ll see in the future.

The cinematography is not bad, the lighting and colors are pretty standard for the genre. While the score is overdramatic for this uneventful film. Maybe in a movie that things actually happen and with tension, it would work.

Homebound is really awful, but I’ve seen worse. It’s bland and uneventful, but some technical aspects are average. I’ll give Homebound 1 out of 5.

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