Dick, shit, tits, fart sex. That’s the essence of Flodder.

What’s up?! I’m Marlon and this is Of The Mice. This video is part of the FIFA World Cup Special Series, in which we talk about one movie from each country playing the competition. Today, let’s talk about Flodder from the Netherlands, directed by Dick Maas. A poor family gets a house in the city’s most posh neighborhood.

Last review I said I didn’t pre-selected only movies I liked for this series. This is the proof. I watched Flodder one or two days ago, depending on when I’ll upload the video, and I dislike it.

To begin with a positive note, the movie is not 100% bad.

The acting is great, and I would highlight Huub Stapel as Johnnie and Nelly Frijda as the mother Flodder.

The last act is really fun.

And I could make an analysis on the social aspects of the movie, that, behind its ludicrous aspects, talks about poverty and prejudice. However, let’s leave it for another day and make a normal review.

I think this movie might have been for some, what Scary Movie was for me when I was 10. With sexual jokes, alcohol, profanity… It was the great for preteens, but probably not for anyone above 15.

There’s no consistent story, just a bunch of brief events that were supposed to be funny but aren’t.

That’s another problem. The film’s a comedy, but it’s not funny at all. It might be a generational thing, but I don’t think incest and (sexually) exploiting your sister for money and goods is funny.

The female Kees (played by Tatjana Simic) is just there so she can be a sexual object. She has no personality. It’s really awful. And I mean female Kees because she has a brother with the same name (played by René van ‘t Hof).

Talking about the others in the family, they are not THAT bad, but they are not good, as well. The only exception is Johnnie. He is the only one who drives the story slightly forward and has something that resembles a human personality.

I think if we consider them as a family, not dividing them into individuals, things get a little better. In their over-the-top way, they function as a sympathetic family, caring for each other and accepting the different, like Sjakie (played by Lou Landré) and Yolanda (played by Apollonia van Ravenstein).

The other characters are mostly just disgusting human beings who consider themselves better because of their social status.

To conclude, the score is really atrocious. It’s the typical goofy score that asks you to laugh when something that is supposed to be funny happens.

Flodder is not among my favorites. I like the acting and the last act and kinda like the family. But that’s about all I like. I’ll give Flodder 2 out of 5.

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Thanks for watching. See you soon!

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