I guess that’s the first time I talk about Jack Nicholson in this channel, so that’s something.

The Pledge tells the Jerry’s (Jack Nicholson) story, a detective that ~pledges~ to capture a Serial Killer of children.

The plot is really great. It got me really hooked from beginning to, well… almost the end. There’s mystery, investigation, ambiguity, all elements I enjoy in this kind of films.

Jerry and his love interest Lori (Robin Wright) are likable characters, so we feel and cheer for them. Their performances are also outstanding.

I hate the ending on every level. It went way down hill after a certain event and it ruined the movie for me.

It is worth the watch, especially for the first two acts, and maybe you’ll even enjoy the ending, who knows?! But I reiterate, I hated that fucking ending.

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