Well, I can say this movie was a surprise!

The Dry is a mystery set in a small Australian town plagued by a severe drought. Aaron Falk (played by Eric Bana) investigates the murder-suicide of his former best friend and his family, and how it could have something to do with a death from decades ago.

I was expecting a very mediocre and forgettable movie, to be honest. So when the mystery got me intrigued and entertained for the entire film, I can say it was a glad surprise.

Although the well-constructed story and mystery were my favorite aspects of the film, many of the characters and performances are also praiseworthy. The highlights for me are Keir O’Donnell as Raco, BeBe Bettencourt, as Ellie, and Eric Bana with the concise, yet great, Falk.

These small videos are too vague, so I might do a longer one when I have time, because this movie deserves it. Highly recommended.


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