When I found this movie in the HBO Max catalogue, I had never heard about it before. Did it worth the try?

Kristy is a horror movie starring Haley Bennett, playing Justine, a college student spending the thanksgiving alone in her campus when a bizarre group tries to kill her. The movie is hers and she owns it with mastery. The best thing about the movie by far.

The movie also counts with Ashley Greene and Lucas Till, however, their roles are not prominent.

Since the plot of the movie is only this cult hunting the girl, the movie had everything to be tiresome, but it’s short, quick and it manages to not be boring. But, it’s a very simple plot, there’s nothing remarkable.

But it’s entertaining, with some nice action scenes and a decent ending.

In the end, Kristy is enjoyable and watchable enough. A good past-time, but nothing else.


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