I usually make longer videos from European movies, but this one is so shit, we might get this over with as soon as possible.

Well, this was fucking awful.

Beginning with the good. We have a gorgeous cinematography, overall decent performances and an almost passable mystery.

Everything else was bad. The story is a mess, all over the place and with useless side-plots that don’t add any value to the main one. Sometimes it wants to be profound, but it’s just dumb and boring.

Most of the characters are bland or really unpleasant.

There are even some non-sense scenes, for example, Roberto (played by Marco D’Amore) seeing his daughter (played by Ludovica Martino) riding a bike naked in the middle of the day to show she was fucking her teacher, when that was clear in the previous scene in a more subtle and reasonable way.

All in all, Security is an atrocious film. It is worth watching if you like shit.


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