Uncharted is like The Lost City (watch latest review) but I like it more.

The comparison to The Lost City is inevitable. Two action/ adventure with starred cast and treasure hunting released in the same year?! The formula is too similar.

Victor Sullivan, a treasure hunter (played by Mark Wahlberg), recruits Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland), the younger brother of his former partner, to find a long-lost treasure .

Uncharted has some quality comedy, I love Steven Waddington speaking in a Scottish accent, for example. The action is great, especially all the moves from Tom Holland. And, emotionally, it’s much more effective than The Lost City.

Also, great cast. Besides those I already mentioned, there’s Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle. All excellent.

Again, the bad part is the generic plot and cliches, that undermine a lot of the film’s personality or uniqueness, if you will.

To conclude, it’s better than expected, but not all that remarkable.


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