Better than people say. Worse than I expected.

After saving a planet from an alien attack, the Spartan leader, Master Chief (played by Pablo Schreiber) A.K.A. John, finds an artifact that contains a huge amount of power.

Meanwhile, Makee (played by Charlie Murphy), a human raised by these aliens, tries to find the same artifact to wipe out humanity.

First thing I have to be upfront about, is I never played a Halo game or watched other Halo media, so I’ll only talk about the Series. A lot of the people who hated this series were Halo fans prior to it. So knowing or not this Universe in advance is a variable that may alter your perspective significantly.

Anyway, I got interested in Halo because I like Sci-Fi with different worlds and all, but I was expecting a better story.

It’s very watchable. There’s a lot of action to entertain us, nice close combat with and without guns and some great futuristic war and guerrilla moments. So I think from an entertaining standpoint, it’s worth the watch.

The main plot is mediocre. Very standard story, nothing innovative, it lacks some soul. The alien versus human part is too “good guys versus bad guys”. It doesn’t exist in real life at all. While the most apparent part of the UNSC politics is plain boring and stereotypical.

What really got me invested was the individual stories, especially John’s. The visions he started having after getting in contact with the artifact, got me really intrigued to know more about his past.

I also got involved in Soren’s (played by Bokeem Woodbine) story and personality, and in Kai-125 (played by Kate Kennedy) character arc. Makee has an interesting backstory, but I cared less than I cared for the others.

The bad part is definitely Kwan Ha (played by Yerin Ha), everything about her. Her character is unbearable, her side quest is dumb, it feels like she should not exist. The seventh episode, dedicated to her, is an awful episode, but I hope it makes her a better character for next season.

I have to address Dr. Catherine Halsey (played by Natascha McElhone), only because she’s a major character, always pulling the strings. I didn’t like her as well. She is the typical amoral scientist who’ll do anything in the name of science or development. We’ve seen it a thousand times before, nothing new.

There are too many characters and I won’t talk about everyone. To summarize, most are not great or too neutral, like Captain Jacob Keyes, played by Danny Sapani, who is an actor I like in a very bland character.

Since we’re talking about performances, I think everyone did a phenomenal job with the roles they got. Natascha McElhone did great despite her lame character.

It was great seeing Pablo Schreiber again. Last thing I remember him on was The Wire. He is incredible once again, I really have to pay more attention to his career, watch him in other works.

Then, there’s Charlie Murphy. At first, I thought her performance was too exaggerated, but then I considered she was raised by these zealot aliens and got okay with her performance. Maybe I’m being too soft, but whatever.

The effects of the series are not too bad. It think it was fine enough as it didn’t bother me at all while watching it and that’s coming from someone who hated that final fighting scene of Black Panther.

As usual, let’s finish it talking about the score. It was good, one of the first things I noticed, and fitted well with the series. There were some songs playing at clubs and parties that mixed techno with some Anya sounding vocalization. I hated it. It seems that’s always the same with the made up futuristic songs. Be more creative.

Halo is an entertaining series, that got some people really mad. Since I got no expectation or previous knowledge about Halo, I’ve found it good enough. The story is the lowest point, but it’s not inferior to your typical Marvel movie. I’ll give Halo (Season 1) a 7!

That’s it. I encourage you to like, subscribe, comment, and share it with friends, acquaintances, and enemies. Some suggested videos will appear on the screen in a bit, you might give those some attention too.

Thanks for watching. See you soon!


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