Red Eye, directed by Wes Craven, tells the story of Lisa (Rachel McAdams), coerced by Jackson (Cillian Murphy) to help in a political assassination, or else he will kill her father (Brian Cox).

The first two acts of the film are outstanding and very compelling. Then we get to the last act, where everything descent into a spiral of everlasting shit.

To start, Lisa and Jackson become very friendly to each other, a quite likable duo.

As soon as the plane takes off the ground, Jackson says the truth about his intentions. If I didn’t read the synopsis, I would be surprised to find out he was the antagonist.

The struggle between protagonist and antagonist is not the best part of the movie. It becomes slightly repetitive but tolerable, it only gets actually bad in the ending.

I hate that ending so fucking much. Nothing makes any sense. Everything is dumb and convenient for the protagonist.

For the first two acts and for the legendary director, I would suggest it is worth the watch.


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