The American Backed Brazilian Dictatorship started 31 of March 1964. Today, it marks 58 years of the Coup.

The Day That Lasted 21 Years is a Documentary film directed by Camilo Tavares and shows how the US plotted the ’64 military coup in Brazil and supported the brutal regime for its 21 years.

The documentary is divided into three parts of around 25 minutes each: The Conspiracy, The Coup, and The Chosen One.

It’s brief and focuses on the main points regarding the well-documented American Involvement in the question.

One minute is not enough, so, some other day I’ll do a complete review.

Basically, based on lies, the CIA began operating inside Brazil in ’61, creating the conditions for the coup. The US bought politicians, flooded the country with covert institutions to spread propaganda.

After manipulating part of the population in favor of a Coup, they chose a ruler and mobilized the military to invade Brazil if President João Goulart showed resistance.

I watched The Day That Lasted 21 Years for the first time a long time ago, and it was eye-opening and shocking to me. Watching it again today, with much more knowledge, it’s nothing too groundbreaking.

I highly recommend it for everyone, but I think those without much knowledge about it will enjoy it more.


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