The Weekend Away, directed by Kim Farrant, is the story of Beth (Leighton Meester) searching for her best friend, Kate (Christina Wolfe), who disappeared on their girls’ vacation in Croatia.

The plot is engaging enough, and it’s uncomplicated until the ending, which has an extra twist.

I enjoyed Beth and Kate’s sisterhood, and the theme of violence against women is fundamental to be brought up.

Beth and Zain (played by the Palestinian actor Ziad Bakri) are likable.

My perception of Leighton Meester was infantile, so it was nice to break it with a role of an adult mother, she even looks way better as a grown woman.

Kate is very annoying.

Beth’s husband, Rob (Luke Norris), is a weakling.

The location is gorgeous and gives us some breathtaking shots.

It’s an average film and a decent pastime. If you like this kind of crime investigation movie, it might suit your taste.


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