Reminiscence, directed by Lisa Joy, follows the mind detective, Nick (Hugh Jackman), in his obsessive pursuit for Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), a woman he had a romance with.

Following, it might contain spoilers.

The only thing I loved was the outstanding depiction of a flooded future.

Besides that, I disliked the movie.

It’s a stereotypical noir plot. I’ve seen it done (usually better) since the 30s.

Nick is annoying and weak. I think they use him being a veteran with a f__ked up leg as an excuse to being beaten up the whole movie.

Thandie Newton’s character, Watts, is reduced to a minor sidekick who’s barely on screen.

Mae is just a Femme Fatale. At least if they kept the narrative of her being a scoundrel instead of doing everything for love and kindness, it would be less idiotic.

I recommend the movie if you like world-building and this type of s__t. If you don’t, I would not.


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