Turning Red, starring Rosalie Chiang and Sandra Oh and directed by Domee Shi, is a Comedy and Adventure Animation released in 2022.


The 13-year-old Meilin (played by Rosalie Chiang) starts turning into a red Panda every time she gets emotionally distressed.

It’s a lovely family film. Very funny and entertaining.
The story is pretty straightforward, not particularly original, but with its own face and personality.

It’s not an Epic, such as Encanto or Raya and the Last Dragon. Turning Red is a more grounded and trivial life experience with a little magic twist to it.

All the characters are likable in one way or another. They’re relatable and understandable.

Set in the mid-2000s, the era is portrayed excellently.

The animation is marvelous. I just loved how singular and expressive every character is. It’s a gorgeous-looking animation.

The score, 4*Town was perfect for the context of the movie.

I had a lot of fun watching the movie and I highly recommend it.


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