Texas Chainsaw Massacre, starring Sarah Yarkin and Elsie Fisher and directed by David Blue Garcia, is a horror-crime-thriller released in 2022.

A couple of young friends buys a small Texas town and call a bunch of investors to give them a tour and shit… try to make some money out of them.

Unfortunately, their predatory ways cause the return of the notorious killer Leatherface, who was hibernating for almost 50 years.

It starts promising, goes to shit halfway through, and finishes as absolute garbage.

The premise is interesting, and that’s the part we can see some promise.

It’s when Leatherface starts killing that everything becomes awful. He’s too crafty to fit his original character.

The ending is stupid and doesn’t make any sense, although very predictable coming from this kind of movie.

It’s a disappointment considering what it could have been watching the beginning, but it’s just the expected considering what these slashers deliver nowadays.


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