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Today let’s talk about the 2022 German Horror Mystery The Privilege (original title Das Privileg), starring Max Schimmelpfennig. Lea van Acken and Tijan Marei and directed by Katharina Schöde and Felix Fuchssteiner.

After a childhood trauma, Finn (played by Max Schimmelpfennig) grew up being constantly tested and taking experimental medicine. However, when he turns 18, everything gets worse, as he starts to see a humanoid shadow.

When he finds a fungus that feeds on corpses inside the capsule of his medicine, he and his friends Lena (played by Lea van Acken) and Samira (played by Tijan Marei) start an investigation that will completely change their lives.

The Privilege is an awful movie. I could just end the review at this point, but let’s elaborate.

The beginning is very intriguing, and it keeps compelling until a certain point.

Something strange happens to the boy’s older sister, Anna (played by Caroline Hartig), that led her to her death when she was 18. The already mentioned shadow was present, but we don’t know if it’s real or not.

That already set the mystery up. So it’s interesting when the shadow apparently returns, being tied to deaths and strange rituals.

However, after they start to investigate, s__t goes downhill. To better illustrate the rest of the film, I’ll dub the footballer João Paulo in a 2015 interview that went viral:

Look, I don’t know what happened, if it happened I’m not aware. But I think football is not this thing that happened because I don’t know what happened…

That is, the rest of the movie is a complete mess. It’s all over the place, an atrocious mix of sci-fi and supernatural thriller with a taste of s__t. It’s an absolute disappointment, especially considering the cast.

The two most prominent presences of the movie are also the only two I knew previously. Max Schimmelpfennig and Lea van Acken, both of whom I knew from the series Dark.

Max’s character is likable enough, at least. He’s proactive, and It’s cute to see his care and love for the twin sister Sophie (played by Milena Tscharntke). Both the character and the actor are wasted in this mess.

Lena’s character has some moments of shine, showing intelligence and courage. However, a lot of times she’s the stereotypical teen lesbian with colorful hair and a challenging attitude.

Do homo or bisexual girls with colorful hair and a challenging attitude exist? Probably. Are they ALL like that? Of course not! So, stop having such stereotypical characters, people are vastly different.

Ramin (played by Rojan Juan Barani), Sophie’s boyfriend, is a character I would like to see more. I believe he had great potential and could be much better used in the plot.

The acting is alright, all things considered. We have a great cast, full of potential, and I believe they did what they could, but the movie was beyond saving.

Visually, the movie is excellent, though. The sets are stunning, for example, their house (inside and out), the school, and the city seem from the above.

The cinematography has that beautiful polished look I like, with the somewhat dull colors (dull as the opposite of vivid, not as boring). This is a style I’m seeing quite frequently in these high-quality productions. It’s the trend, and it’s a trend I’m enjoying.

The gory effects are okay, the best being the fungi growing out of corpses. The digital effects, at least the shadow, look like s__t. Not to mention the demon smoke coming out of people’s mouths exactly like the Supernatural series since 2005.

The score is absolutely non-remarkable. Generic and forgettable, at least it’s not distracting nor bad.

The Privilege is a really terrible movie. It was a disappointment, especially regarding the plot, but also the waste of a good and talented young cast. The bright spot was the cinematography, notably the locations. I’ll give The Privilege 3 Moons!

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Thanks for watching see you in the next video.


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