Cruella, starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, and directed by Craig Gillespie, is a comedy adventure released in 2021.

The story of how the talented aspiring fashion designer Estella (played by Emma Stone) becomes Cruella de Vil while facing a ruthless adversary, The Baroness (played by Emma Thompson).

The cast is superb, and their performances do not disappoint. However, my favorite thing is the outstandingly beautiful visuals.

Nothing else, however, exceeds mediocrity.

It’s entertaining and funny, although not hilarious. I’ve seen purely so-called comedies that are much less comic or enjoyable. Cruella is in the middle.

Estella’s/ Cruella’s character left me confused. She’s too likable to be a villain who’ll eventually want to murder puppies. When she’s turning into the despicable figure from the original character, she has a change of heart and becomes likable again.

In addition, almost two hours and fifteen minutes seem way too long for such an ordinary movie. But if you have the patience is pretty watchable.


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