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Today let’s talk about the 2019 Thriller Only Mine, starring Amber Midthunder and Brett Zimmerman and directed by Michael Civille.

Waiting for a reply from the Universities she applied to, the beautiful young woman Julie (played by Amber Midthunder) works as a waitress in the local diner to save money for college.

Everything changes when David (played by Brett Zimmerman), the new cop, arrives in town. Julie has a brief and intense romance with the man but soon realizes he is possessive and abusive, so she ends their story.

Unfortunately for her, her problems only got worse after the break-up, reaching fatal consequences.

Only Mine is slightly based on the real story of Laura Kucera was shot twice in the head by an ex-boyfriend and left for dead. She survived for four days before being rescued by police.

Then she spent almost two months in a hospital relearning how to walk. Some months after, almost a year after she was shot, she died in a car accident.

Her attacker was sentenced to 55 years in jail.

So now it’s time to repeat: the movie was SLIGHTLY BASED ON this story. It was not a retelling of this story, it was based on! And unfortunately, this kind of violence against women is not uncommon, quite on the contrary.

Only Mine gives a realistic portrayal of these occurrences. For example, how David shows signs of being possessive very early on, or how manipulative he is.

Another noticeable thing is how police brush off the accusations against him because he’s one of their own. I know real cases like this that ended up with the woman killed.

But there are not only realistic things. Some things are very ludicous, but I won’t mention to avoid spoilers.

There are also unnecessary and idiotic things, the worst being the simulation of a true-crime documentary series, like those I talked about in the Madres review. There was absolutelly no point in doing the movie this way.

I think despite of that, the movie had a nice flow. I has less than one and a half hour, so it’s very easy to watch, it doesn’t drag in any moment, things get moving fast. And it would flow even better if it wasn’t for the unnecessary interviews thrown in the middle of the thing.

Now I’ll tell you a little story just to make an analogy. Bare with me, it will make sense at the end of it.

Back in the day (around 2011-2012) when Neymar was still playing at Santos, he was already too good for the Brazilian league and too good for his teammates. Some football analysts at the time compared it to an adult man playing with children.

But since football is a team sport, you could see his frustration of not having anyone to play with. So he inevitably went to Barcelona, and everyone knows the rest.

So what does this story has to do with the movie?

The movie is the Brazilian League, the actors are Neymar’s teammates, and Amber Midthunder is Neymar. I think that’s all I have to say about the acting.

I would say Walter Fauntleroy (as Sargent Miller) is my second favorite.

As for the characters, there’s nothing too special about anyone of their traits.

More broadly, having an indigenous character as protagonist portrayed by an indigenous actress was awesome, even though Julie (the character) is Navajo and Amber (the actress) is Sioux.

I saw this as more than just a token for what some would call identity politics. I quite liked it, I found it very compelling.

Visually the movie doesn’t have much going on. There are some nice locations, of course, but that’s about it. It’s just an average and decent enough cinematography.

As for the score, I didn’t like it. I often complain about generic scores here but that wasn’t the case. The score of this movie is just bad, it’s ugly!

Only Mine is not as bad as the average rating on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes imply. This film is very mediocre, and I would say the only remarkable thing (at least for me) was Amber Midthunder. But I’ve seen ACTUALLY bad movies, and this is not one of them. That’s why I’ll give Only Mine 6 Moons!

That’s it for now. Once again, I encourage you to like, subscribe, comment, and share it with friends, acquaintances, and enemies. Some suggested videos will appear on the screen in a bit, you might give those ones some attention to, if you like.

Thanks for watching see you in the next video.


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