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Today let’s talk about the Nigerian Thriller The Delivery Boy, directed by Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe.

Amir (played by Ibrahim Jammal) goes rogue on his Islamic organization right before carrying out a suicide mission. Instead, he decides to go after the leader of the group, Mallam Sadan (played by Jude Chukwuka).

While looking for the location of his target, Amir crosses paths with Nkem (played by Jemima Osunde), a woman with a facial deformity, working as a prostitute, and the two had to help each other get through the night.

The Delivery Boy is a short movie… not a “short movie”… It’s a full-length movie with a short duration. It’s only one hour and six minutes. It’s very straightforward. There’s no bs, no filler, no excessive exposition, is very to the point.

It has a very serious tone throughout the whole duration. I don’t remember laughing once, but I think it works in this case. I like some humor here and there, usually, even if it is just to break the tone of it, however, with such a short duration I think the flow was better this way.

The movie is also fast-paced and full of action. Basically, the first scene already has a fight, and that’s the first of many, considering the length of the movie.

The themes of the film are very dense, very heavy, and I hope the YouTube algorithm realizes I’m not radicalizing anyone, I’m just reviewing a movie, and very nice movie, by the way, a movie you should watch!

These tough themes are one of the things that make the story compelling. It got you hooked from beginning to end, you want to know where the story is going and where everything is going to end.

Another thing that makes us interested until the end is the characters, especially the two main characters Amir and Nkem. These two characters have very heartbreaking backstories that make you sympathize with them, that make you root for them.

The relationships between the characters are also a very high point of the movie. The characters and their relationships were very well crafted and all of that without unnecessary dialogue.

In the director’s own words, he knows a big percentage of our communications are not verbalized, so he makes sure the actors would transmit their relationships through other means of communication, nonverbal, and I think he did it flawlessly.

The last thing I would talk about positively is the cinematography. The first noticeable, very obvious thing is that it looks good and I liked it already after watching it. But I liked it even more after watching the interview with the director, in which he tells us the intentions he had with that cinematography.

The very pronounced contrast of light and dark, and how he wanted to demonstrate that not everything is just white and black. He wanted to demonstrate the gray areas, how the characters are grey, how the situations are grey. That elevated the cinematography to me, knowing his intentions.

And also I would highly recommend that you watch the interview, I’ll put the link below. Watch the interview to understand better what this director was trying to portray. It helped me a lot, I liked the movie before watching the interview, however, after watching it, I liked it much more.

However, not everything is 100% good. A thing I really disliked is the special effects. I think might have something to do with the budget, I don’t know, but the effects are very subpar.

The scar on Nkem’s face is not very nice, sometimes the colors don’t match exactly with the color of her skin, it’s odd, I don’t like it. There are some death scenes that looked off to me as well, so on. I don’t like the effects.

The performances of the main actors are fine, are nice. However, the others are really bad. I don’t like much the general performances of the movie, I think it was subpar.

And lastly, the score. The score was generic. It was not bad, by any means, it was just generic. It could fit any action movie, any thriller with action. I don’t like it so much, I love when the score has a lot of personality, and this one, I didn’t feel it. But that was it.

The Delivery Boy is a very excellent movie by a seemingly young director from whom I’m excited to watch more movies. It’s a remarkable movie with many qualities, and only a very few things I didn’t like. So, I’ll give The Delivery Boy 8 Moons!

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Thanks for watching see you in the next video.


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