Things Heard & Seen is an American mystery film directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini starring Amanda Seyfried and James Norton.

Starting a new playlist: One Minute Review, with reviews under a minute in the “YouTube Shorts” format.

Check it out here:

A young couple from Manhattan moves to a farmhouse far away after the guy landing a job in the local university.

Briefly after moving in, the couple begins to experience some very troubling situations in their marriage.

In summary, the movie is really bad.

It has some qualities, like the cast and the cinematography but most of the other things are weak.
I don’t like most of the characters. The story is bad, it’s mildly intriguing but with very little payoff. There is a supernatural element that is very unnecessary, it’s really really boring, and has a mediocre ending.

I don’t recommend it and give it 2 Moons!


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