What’s up! I’m Marlon and this is Ulven Reviews: movies and series from all over the world. Today let’s talk about 2019 Spanish movie Boi, directed by Jorge M. Fontana.


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Boi (played by Bernat Quintana), on his first day of work as a chauffeur, has two shady businessmen from China as clients, Gordon (played by Adrian Pang) and Michael (played by Andrew Lua).

Meanwhile, in his personal life, he is going through some challenging things as well, taking care of his aunt (played by Fina Rius) and girlfriend Anna (played by Miranda Gas).

Boi could be better, could be much better, I didn’t like it so much.

Most of it is kind of enjoyable, however, you’re always expecting something to happen, and it never does. There are a lot of things that seem to be setting up something to happen later, maybe in the last act, but when ultimately nothing ever happens the setting up doesn’t make any sense.

I know there are many things that are symbolic. It represents the inability of Boi to grow up as a person, as a professional, and in his artistic pursuit.

I could see a lot of parallels between his first steps as a chauffeur and his insecurity regarding the girlfriend’s pregnancy. How his first work driving could mirror his first experience as a father. So, if he fells a complete failure in his work, he would not feel capable of being a father.

Maybe I’m tripping, but that’s what I saw.

There are also other moments in which he demonstrates his insecurity as a soon-to-be father. There is also insecurity about his future as a writer, as an artist, how he cannot find his own voice. He sees others as better, more capable.

All these nuanced aspects are really positive, that’s not where the problem lies. The problem is all the plot that is used to symbolize these aspects of Boi’s life is concluded very thinly, very poorly, and, in my opinion, completely out of tone.

We have a quite fun movie, it’s almost a dark comedy, I laughed a lot during it. But in a moment, the comedy just disappears and (the movie) gets just unnecessarily dark.

Another problem is the pace of the movie. It’s kinda slow-paced, but that’s not a problem by itself, at least in the first two acts you think it will culminate in a better climax that never happened. Actually, it was a shitty climax. As I said before, unnecessarily dark.

The characters are also not the greatest. Boi is a little better than the others, but is not awesome, as well. And the two businessmen are just so unlikeable.

Gordon, who seems to be the boss, is so arrogant, very rude. And Michael, the other guy, is annoying as fuck! But at least his annoying personality gave us some very funny moments.

The other characters are almost non-existent.

The acting is quite correct, but I’m not crazy for anyone.

The cinematography, as well, was average. A little, maybe a little, above average. It looks very good, but there’s nothing to highlight, really.

The score, on the other hand, is quite good and very important for the movie. Since the opening scene, there’s already a song that will be a major element of the movie. And there are other moments throughout the whole movie that are really music-heavy. I honestly quite like it.

Boi was a promising movie almost throughout his whole duration. There’s definitely a lot to like, other things that are just average, but, unfortunately, the bad things laid a heavy burden on the movie, and what stayed in my mind the most was the aftertaste of shit the conclusion of the movie had. So, for all these reasons, I’ll give Boi 4 moons!

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