Host is a British horror film released in 2020, directed by Rob Savage. During the COVID pandemic, six friends hold a seance via video, and things get more serious than anticipated.

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Haley (played by Haley Bishop) contacted Seylan (played by Seylan Baxter), a medium, to lead a seance via videoconference with her four female friends Jemma (played by Jemma Moore), Emma (played by Emma Louise Webb), Radina (played Radina Drandova), and Caroline (played by Caroline Ward) and one male friend, Teddy (played by Edward Linard).

Already during the seance, Teddy’s inconvenient girlfriend takes him out of the call, Seylan’s internet connection keeps dropping, and Jemma is not taking the ritual seriously enough. So, the realm of the spirits is not pleased with the seance and will take action.

Host is a movie with a great premise for its use of our current COVID situation. The horror aspect itself is not very original, so it’s the use of this new circumstance where the brilliance resides.

I knew very little about the movie before watching it, so I didn’t know what could happen. I kept looking all over the screen and waiting for something supernatural to scare me at any point. That only makes the tension grow higher, and it was the tensest I got in a movie in a long, long time.

Talking about scares, I get startled when shit jump on my face, the infamous jump-scare, and I also admire good creepy imagery. I don’t believe in God, Satan, spirits, and the supernatural, so I don’t get scared beyond the movie. However, we can say the film is “scary” to my limited standard.

Most of the characters are really relatable for being just ordinary people. I enjoyed them, with all their peculiarities and personalities. I just didn’t like Teddy and his girlfriend because they were annoying.

They’re great as a group, as well. We can understand the dynamics of the friendship through their interactions. It makes their relationship even more believable and easier for us, the audience, to care for these characters.

Although the cinematography was just the expected video call quality, and couldn’t be anything better than that. The movie was marvelous in the settings and framing. These aspects were perfect for us to stay alert for something that might be happening in the background, keeping us always tense.

Host is a very simplistic film executed with perfection. It gets an ordinary occurance of our life during the pandemic and turns it into a really solid horror movie. I’ll give Host 7 Moons.

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