The Queen of Black Magic (original title Ratu Ilmu Hitam) is a horror film released in 2019, directed by Kimo Stamboel and written by Joko Anwar. Three men take their families to the orphanage where they grew up to visit the moribund man that raised them.

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Hanif (played by Ario Bayu) is taking his wife, Nadya (played by Hannah Al Rashid), and children: Sandi (played by Ari Irham)… Dina (played by Adhisty Zara)… and Haqi (played by Muzakki Ramdhan); to the orphanage where he grew up to pay a visit to the man who raised him, Mr. Bandi (played by Yayu A.W Unru).

When they reach their destination, they are met by Maman (played by Ade Firman Hakim) and Siti (played by Sheila Dara Aisha). The couple were also orphans but remained as care-takers of the place after adulthood.

Soon after, two other couples arrive at the place. Anton (played by Tanta Ginting) with Eva (played by Imelda Therinne), and Jefri (played by Miller Khan) with Lina (played by Salvita Decorte).

Inside the place, there are only two teenage orphans Hasbi (played by Giulio Parengkuan) and Rani (played by Shenina Cinnamon). All the other kids went away on a holiday trip.

While showing the house to the visiting kids, Rani tells about a terrifying event involving black magic that took place there 25 years earlier. And it seems the darkness didn’t leave the mansion yet.

I keep thinking “Queen of Black Metal” instead of “Queen of Black Magic”, I hope I don’t say it during the video. Now let’s talk about it.

2019’s The Queen of Black Magic is a remake of a 1981 movie of the same name featuring Indonesian star Suzzanna. I think the newer film is a little different, but I’ll only know how much after I watch the older one, and when I do, I tell you my thoughts about it.

The movie is compelling since the first few minutes, with an almost unnoticed hit and run. From that moment on, the film built many mysteries, including some in the mid-way through its duration.

All the situations and necessary exposition are conveyed in creative and compelling ways, sometimes it’s funny and others really tense. It’s like the movie itself that balance these tones very well.

A fantastic scene that serves as an example of how the exposition was conveyed was the dinner scene. Through several cores of small talk, we get a lot of information about the characters and the plot, and also some free laughs.

I liked most of the characters. Each one has its own little quirks and personality, but since there are lots of people, some will be lacking some depth, which is quite understandable.

There are three of them that I would like to highlight: Rani, as a very intense teenager, to say the least; Haqi, as a funny, active, and not annoying kid; and lastly, his mother, Nadya, who completely takes over the movie and becomes the protagonist.

The acting is not top-notch, but it’s okay. At least I don’t remember anything atrocious. I’ll highlight Muzakki Ramdhan, who plays Haqi. He’s one of the best in the movie, even though he’s the youngest of all.

The film is beautiful looking. The cinematography is not breathtaking but is definitely above average, and I got hints that I would like it from the very beginning. The lighting is exceptional, and the camera work is very pleasant, smooth, and compelling.

The effects have their ups and downs. Some computer-generated effects are lousy, with the centipedes being a lowlight. However, other CGI and practical elements are really praiseworthy. The Queen of Black Magic features one of the grossest scenes I’ve ever seen and, also, an awesome kill.

Talking about killings… The movie also has one of the most laughable kills I have ever seen. I’ll call it only “kill by candle” to not spoil it. Although it’s really absurd, I didn’t think less of the film because of it, I just laughed.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the score. I’m tired of saying how it was generic, and fortunately, today will not be another one of those days. The Queen of Black Magic score was awesome, finally! It’s interesting, full of personality, and fits the movie to perfection.

The Queen of Black Magic is no The Exorcist, but still a very decent and enjoyable horror film. I liked it a lot, and it’s the best Indonesian movie I’ve seen so far (out of four, I guess). I’ll give The Queen of Black Magic A.K.A. Ratu Ilmu Hitam 7 Moons.

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