Deathgasm is a New Zealander Horror Comedy movie released in 2015, written and directed by Jason Lei Howden. In it, a band of teenagers invokes hell and demons by accident.

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Hello, there! I’m dos Santos, and this is Ulven Reviews, with Movies and series from all over the world and all eras. Today we’ll talk about Deathgasm, beginning with a plot summary, through the review, and finishing with a symbolic Rating. Here we go!

From now on, I’ll be more succinct with the plot summary to make the video more straight to the point and quicker. If you have any suggestions or objections, leave a comment below.

After recently moving to his uncle’s house, the teenager Brodie (played by Milo Cawthorne) formed a band with his geek friends Dion (played by Sam Berkley), Giles (played by Daniel Cresswell), and fellow metalhead Zakk (played by James Blake).

Brodie and Zakk get their hands in a sheet of music that a Satanic cult is after. After playing it, all hell breaks loose, quite literally. So the friends, together with Brodie’s love interest Medina (played by Kimberley Crossman), have to fix everything.

Deathgasm is not a very original movie, that’s a fact. It’s similar to things like Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead and Peter Jackson’s Braindead A.K.A. Dead Alive. Throughout the film, you can even see homages here and there.

I don’t really care about the originality. Even though Deathgasm is not as well-regarded as its predecessors, it has its own charm and peculiarities. Including the Metal music part that many overly-serious wanna-be tr00s condemn.

As I said in the Lords of Chaos review, I like Black Metal a lot, as well as other variants like Doom, Stoner, and Blackened Death. I also have friends that also like this genre of music and liked the movie as well.

I believe the aspects of Metal music in the movie are not so central. It was used for the Satan stuff and probably to attract some viewers as well. Myself, for example, if it wasn’t for this I probably wouldn’t get as interested in watching as I did.

While we’re talking about music, the score was pleasing, and it was a perfect fit for this fast-paced, gory movie, especially for the fights against demons. My favorite song featured in the film was The Burning Shadows Of Silence by Emperor.

I know that humor is very subjective, and Deathgasm was really, really funny for me. I laughed a lot. Like Half Baked, it’s juvenile and stupid humor that I often love on the right occasions.

I liked most of the main core of characters. Dion and Giles are suitable sidekicks, and Brodie is an entertaining protagonist. Medina is my favorite character. I simply like her. I usually don’t use this term, but I think it’s best to describe her: she’s kind of a badass.

Brodie’s cousin, David (played by Nick Hoskins-Smith), and Zakk are pieces of shit. They’re really unlikeable characters. The difference is that David is supposed to be an unpleasant bully, while Zakk is this way to create a conflict inside the group.

I made somewhat of an online course of acting (through videos, not video conference), not because I want to get into acting, but because I thought it would make me understand the art better and bring more insight into our videos. It was quite cringy, and it made me admire even more the actors and actresses.

There was a guy in the course that said he had ten years of experience in acting, but he was so awful. Even the High School kids who had just begun were better than him.

I’m saying that to show that I know to recognize bad acting. I compliment the performances in almost every video based on my real opinion. With that said, most actors in the main roles did a good job. The only one that I felt a little iffy sometimes was James Blake, but it wasn’t so distracting.

Among other things, for example, his little dances while playing looked like someone clueless about the genre. I’ve seen worse little dances from actual Black Metal vocalists, but still, something that I found too noticeable.

(I’ll leave a link for one of these questionable dances from a band I really love, just for the sake of it. It’s in the description box below)

The cinematography is not among my favorite things about this movie. It’s pretty unremarkable and basic. The best thing about it was the camera distortion in some key moments, but that was all.

One of the stars of Deathgasm is the gore. The whole movie is full of it, it’s creative and well-executed. I’m not a specialist, but I think there were no groundbreaking special effects on the film, but it was convincing enough and entertaining.

That’s it, I hope I’m not forgetting anything. Deathgasm is really funny and enjoyable. Despite all the gore, I consider it a movie to relax and laugh, not to be scared or overthink. I highly recommend it for the right moments, and I’ll give Deathgasm 8 Moons.

That’s it for now.

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