Castlevania Season 3 Review | The most successful video-game adaptation

Time for the review of the third season of Netflix Series Castlevania, created by Warren Ellis. After the adventures of seasons 1 and 2, our heroes split and have adventures of their own.

Hello, there! I’m dos Santos, and this is Ulven Reviews, with Movies and series from all over the world and all eras. Today’s review is of the Season 3 of Netflix’s Series Castlevania.

Leave a comment with suggestions and opinions about the video and this Series, in particular the third season, which we’re discussing here. Thanks a lot.

This review will contain spoilers of the first two seasons, for obvious reasons. You can check our review of these seasons in the cards above. Here we go, hope you like it.

After defeating Dracula, Alucard (voiced by James Callis) remains in the Castle over the Belmont hold. Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades (voiced by Richard Armitage and Alejandra Reynoso), keep going from city to city, getting rid of the remaining night creatures.

In the previous video, I pronounced “Belnadesh”, but I swear that’s how they said it then, only in the third season they speak “Belnades”, with somewhat of a Spanish accent.

In Alucard’s castle, Sumi and Taka (voiced by Rila Fukushima and Toru Uchikado), a couple of Japanese vampire hunters, asks him to train them so they can get back to Japan and free the people enslaved by vampires.

During Sypha and Trevor’s wandering, they end up in the little town of Lindenfeld, administered by The Judge (voiced by Jason Isaacs) and home to an exotic man called Saint Germain (voiced by Bill Nighy). The couple realizes there’s something sinister going on inside a priory (a kind of a little monastery), so they stay in the city to investigate.

Meanwhile, in the evil side of things, Carmilla (voiced by Jaime Murray) takes Hector (voiced by Theo James) as a prisoner. They go to the castle where she rules with her three Vampire Sisters, Lenore, Striga, and Morana (voiced by Jessica Brown Findlay, Ivana Milicevic, and Yasmine Al Massri respectively).

Carmilla plans to use Hector’s ability as a forge master to make them an army of demons to take over the whole region, located in East Europe. However, the soldiers are only loyal to the forge master, so after beating the shit out of Hector, they’ll have to earn his trust once again.

My favorite forge master, Isaac (voiced by Adetokumboh M’Cormack), began in Tunis (capital of Tunisia) a journey to find the traitor, Hector, and avenge Dracula. In his way, he enlarges his army of night creatures and meet some very amusing people.

The end of season two marks the end of a saga, so naturally, the third season must be the beginning of a new one. It’s a fresh start and a very compelling one at that. Some of the dynamics change, characters go separate ways and have new objectives.

The pace is still fast but less than the first two seasons, which I like. With this new pace, the series has more time to develop other aspects, like Lenore’s manipulation and the investigative nature of Sypha and Trevor’s mission with the help of The Judge and Saint Germain.

In my perception, the humor is more present than in the last seasons, maybe because there was less urgency than previously. Another thing much more prevalent is sexuality. In the marvelous ninth episode, we alternate between four very intense scenes, two of violence and the other two, sex scenes, including a threesome.

Occult themes were already present in the previous seasons, now they have a central role and are explored with more clarity and intelligence. Another intriguing, but peripheral, subject touched on this season is a serial killer of children. I only mentioned it because it’s revealed that it was happening in the very ending, and it doesn’t affect the plot itself, so I’m not considering it a spoiler. Also, I won’t say anything further about it.

The characters remain compelling in this new season, and the ones I didn’t like before remained as shit as ever. At first, I thought Hector as a prisoner would make us feel for him, but I was wrong, it doesn’t take long for him to be a fool again.

There are a bunch of characters introduced, some better than others, of course. Of the three vampire sisters, the only who worth mentioning is Lenore, the other two are just there. Beginning with her lovely name, probably inspired by my favorite author, Edgar Allan Poe. Also, she shows a lot of depth, is cunning and smart. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like some of the choices about her character, but in general, she’s a marvelous addition.

Sumi and Taka are not the greatest. I understand their necessary inclusion in the series, I just didn’t like them. The storyline with these two and Alucard is the most boring one of the series, by far. However, I loved the ending of it, to be honest.

The new characters in the Isaac storyline are all very compelling, the downside is they’re all transitory, like guest characters. There’s a nice, wise old man, a smart captain with an amazing accent (voiced by Lance Reddick), a retired witch name Miranda (by the legendary actress Barbara Steele), and lastly, a night creature called Flyseyes (performed by Gildart Jackson). Flyseyes and Isaac have the best dialogue in the whole series.

I saved the best for last. Even though the ones from Isaac are more amusing, the most consistently positive characters are from the Sypha and Trevor’s storyline. The Judge is very mysterious and plays a critical role. Saint Germain is funny, smart, and also a central piece in the plot. Then, there’s Sala (voice by Navid Negahban), the prior, just a generic tool villain.

Before watching it, I thought the third season would be even better-looking after seeing the stills on IMDb. I was kinda right but actually wrong. The quality remained the same, that is, high-quality, but there were some really fantastic flashy moments, even literally flashy, that I loved.

One of the things I loved visually was the colorful lights in a gem belonging to Saint Germain. Then, there are all the psychedelic things attached to this magic stone.

Last time I said the score was only decent and didn’t stand out as much. I don’t know if some shit was added to it or if I just hadn’t noticed it previously, but there was an organ playing during the climax that was just beyond astonishing.

There weren’t so many high and low emotional moments in this season, it’s a new beginning. Still, I liked it as much, if not more, than the previous two seasons.

This was another fantastic season of the series. Happily, season four is already confirmed, and I can’t wait to watch it. For now, I’ll maintain the rating of Castlevania 9 Moons.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to stay safe during sex.



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