Hello, there! I’m dos Santos, and this is Ulven Reviews, with Movies and series from all over the world and all eras. Today, we’ll talk about some of the series I stopped watching and why I stopped.

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So let’s talk business! This time I will talk a little about some series I began watching but for some reason or another, I stopped before finishing it. This list will only feature series I watched at least one full season.

13 Reason Why (2017-2020)

Hannah Baker suicide
Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford)

I watched only the first of the 4 Seasons.

13 Reasons Why was one of the first reviews I published on the blog, in late March 2018, but decided not to do a video about it. In short, since I finished the first season, I like less and less every time I think about the series.

It’s irresponsible, never-ending, sometimes don’t make any sense, and the scar on Clay’s (played by Dylan Minnette) forehead is atrocious. The suicide scene was very well-done, but they decided to remove it, even though it’s too late now, the damage was already done.

The reason I stopped watching is quite evident by this point. I didn’t like much the first season, and a second season made absolutely no sense to me since the story was clearly done.

Yet, they kept milking the cow after she was already dry, and made it as far as the fourth season. Now, it’s finally over.

Marcella (2006–)

Marcella (Anna Friel)

I watched only the first of the, so far, 3 seasons.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, it’s kinda bad. Some things don’t make any sense, others are just annoying, I don’t remember any likable character, the list goes on.

The protagonist, Marcella (played by Anna Friel) is awful, annoying, has a ludicrous memory problem related to stress. I really like Anna Friel as an actress, but this character is unbearable, which is not her fault.

The mystery was the only thing that kept me watching through the first season. However, the conclusion of it was garbage, absolutely unrealistic. So, if the only thing that made me finish the season ended up being extremely disappointing, there was no reason to watch the next season.

I plan to review this first season sometime in the future, I just don’t know precisely when. When I do, I will explain in detail all the nonsensical and annoying things and link the video in the cards above and in the description box below.

Lost (2004-2010)

Kate (Evangeline Lilly)

I watched around seasons 1 to 4 of a total of 6 seasons.

Lost is one of the first series I watched, if not the very first.

I liked a lot of the first and second seasons but lost (no pun intended) interest during the third and fourth seasons. I didn’t even decide to stop watching it, it just kind of happened.

The third and fourth seasons were inferior to the previous two. I glimpsed a little over the fifth season on television, while I was doing other things, but never gave it another try for real.

Even though I never finished it, my memories of the series are mostly fond, especially seasons 1 and 2. I was 14 at the time, barely knew any of the cast, everything was new to me, and Lost was my gateway to the universe of series.

The Following (2013-2015)

Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore)

I watched one season out of the total three of this atrocity.

The Following is the worst of them all. Finishing this first season was one of the hardest tasks I had regarding movies or series. The only reason I kept watching was that I felt I could only judge it fairly upon watching the whole season.

The reason I started watching The Following was Edgar Allan Poe. He’s my favorite author, as I already mentioned in the review of I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, and recently in the video of the Season 3 of Castlevania.

The Following is absurdly stupid and even more nonsensical than Marcella. After a reasonable start, the show gets worse and worse, and the plot twists are laughable. There are so many things that don’t make sense in the slightest that it’s exhausting.

Featuring names like Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Natalie Zea, and Connie Nielsen, the series has a tremendous cast, which makes everything more unbearable. It’s inevitable to think, “Why are all these great actors and actresses in this garbage?!”

Prison Break (2005–?)

Linc (Dominic Purcell) and Michael (Wentworth Miller)

I watched two seasons out of five released. A sixth season was confirmed, later canceled by Fox, and then, Dominic Purcell said that “if the story is worthy, it will get made”.

After watching these two seasons, I decided I was too fatigued about the series and decided to stop watching it. At first, it was temporary, but it was a decade ago, so… However, I liked the series, it’s not its fault, it’s mine.

The most remarkable scene to me was when John Abruzzi (played by Peter Stormare) said to the cops, “I kneel only to God. I don’t see Him here”. At that time, I even believed in God, so I thought it was a badass line.

Another thing I remember more vividly is Bellick (played by Wade Williams) dipping french fries in Milk Shake. But that’s more due to a friend of mine who still does that inspired by Bellick. I personally found it very disgusting.

Arrow (2012–2020)

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)

I watched two out of eight seasons.

There’s not much to talk about Arrow, I never planned to give it up, it just happened. With the long pauses after the end of a season, sometimes I forgot about the series for years, when I remember it existed, I’m not always in the mood of getting back to it.

It was an entertaining series, for the most part. I can’t remember anything that put me off or annoyed me, it just wasn’t as exciting as some series like Dark, to mention a very recent one.

I don’t remember much about the series, only that most people were attractive and that the fights were really cool. I think it would be enjoyable to rewatch the two seasons and kept watching everything to the end, and of course, review it to the channel.

American Horror Story (2011–)

Jessica Lange as Sister Jude Martin

I watched three out of the nine seasons already released. Recently it was announced the show was renewed through season 13.

American Horror Story was the one that fell the most in quality from the first two seasons to the next. Seasons one and two were excellent. However, the third season was not nearly as good.

The creators of the show are Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, two of the three creators of the musical series Glee. Since the beginning, I was afraid that American Horror Story could go a similar road, and the third season demonstrated that my fears were justifiable.

The third season of American Horror Story was a high school teen drama with a slight horror twist, especially the pathetic “I’m the next supreme” drama. Another thing I hated was the witch-hunting, with that Hank Foxx (played by Josh Hamilton), I didn’t like him at all.

However, the series has absolutely breathtaking visuals, and maybe the following seasons weren’t so bad. A possibility of continuing it is open.

That’s it for today’s Now. Second part here..

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